Cafeteria Duty: How To


A big thank you to all the cafeteria volunteers!

Arrival: The cafeteria duty shift is 11:15 a.m. – 12:45 a.m. When you arrive at the school, please get a name tag and sign the visitor list in the hall opposite the office. You will be cleaning tables following the K-4 lunch times. Fifth graders wipe up themselves and you may leave when they start eating.

Cleaning Procedures: Your primary task is to wipe down tables in between classes. At the beginning of your shift, please wipe down the tables BEFORE the first class arrives (just in case the prior afternoon’s NEDP activities may have soiled them). In order to maintain an effective cleaning process we have been asked to wear gloves. Disposable gloves will be provided by the school. One paper towel square should be used for each half of the table row. The paper towel should be moistened using the premixed solution found in the buckets prepared each day by the cafeteria staff. The paper towel should be thrown out after each table and not re-dipped into the solution in order to keep the solution clean.

Children with Allergies: Please be aware that any child with a food allergy has been instructed by their teacher to sit at the very end of their table in the seat closest to the middle of the room. Therefore, please wipe the tables from the center aisle to the wall starting each table with a clean paper towel. It is of the utmost importance that this space be diligently cleaned and wiped dry as this is their safety zone. In particular, please try and wipe down the side edges as well as the tops of the tables. If you notice any child eating peanut butter or other food containing nuts sitting at the end of the table, please remind them to sit further in toward the wall. Also, please take note of the list of children with allergies which will be posted near the cleaning supplies.

There will always be a Mitchell school office employee running the cafeteria. It is that person’s job to direct the children toward getting their food, direct them when to clean up when they are done, etc. Please follow their lead. The children will be instructed to clean their place as they finish eating. A last call to clean up will be made in the last 5 minutes of each lunch shift (20 min. before and after each hour). Please assist in this process. They will then be dismissed when the teachers arrive. The office personnel are also trained in CPR and know how to handle emergencies. If you spot an emergency, please immediately tell the office attendant.

Miscellaneous Duties: Children might also ask you to assist them with things such as opening ketchup or cream cheese containers. Please feel free to pitch in where needed.

Substitutes: Please review the specific dates for your shift(s). If there is a date which you cannot do, please try to find a substitute or try to swap with another volunteer (list of substitutes will be at bottom of each monthly schedule). Please notify the office @ 455-0466 ONLY in the event that you are NOT able to find a substitute so that they can arrange for your coverage.

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