Listed below are lots of ways that parents can join in on the fun & volunteer for the PTC throughout the school year!

CLICK HERE if you would like to sign up for a specific opportunity and would like more information.

One Time Volunteer Opportunities – 1-2 Hours

Family Fun Events

At Mitchell we plan several events throughout the school year to bring the families in our community together. These events are a great way to meet other families and learn more about the school. These events are usually held in the evening and parents are asked to volunteer for a 1-2 hour shift during the event.

Some events planned this school year include:

  • Ice Cream Social – September
  • Fall Fling – October
  • Candy Bar Bingo – February
  • Mitchell Skat Night – March
  • Providence Bruins Game – March
  • Mitchell Broadmeadow Basketball Game – May
  • Paw Sox Game – June
  • End of the year Picnic – June

     ** dates are subject to change ** 

Teacher Appreciation

We have the most amazing teachers at Mitchell and we like to let them know (periodically) how much we appreciate all the extras they do for our children. Throughout the year we have teacher appreciation lunches and breakfasts and we ask that parents prepare a side dish, drop off baked goods, deliver coffee or help with the set up.

Book Fairs

There are 2 annual book fairs held at Mitchell – the Winter Book Fair (February) and the Used Book Fair (June). Both events allow the students to explore new and exciting types of literature and both events are very popular with the kids. We’re always looking for parents who can help the kids select and buy their books.

Curriculum Enrichment

The creative arts committee at Mitchell works throughout the year to bring educational, fun, and creative programs into each classroom. From interactive workshops on Electro Magnetism and Improv to visits from authors and poets and field trips to local museums, the added educational benefit from their work is immeasurable. Parents are welcome to volunteer to help bring one activity to a classroom or help with many throughout the year. For more information, please contact Debbire Berger at dnhberger@gmail.com.

Understanding Different Abilities (UDA)

The UDA Committee prepares and presents grade-level workshops each year and always needs parents from each grade to help the students in small groups. Directions are provided prior to the event and the commitment is usually just 1 hour. For more information please contact Amy Rubin at amyjrubin@gmail.com or Davina Wong at davinapt@hotmail.com.

For many of these events Sign Up Genius forms are included in the weekly e-newsletters prior to the event so that parents know when and how they can help. For more information email presidents@mitchellptc.org

Recurring Volunteer Opportunities – Time Varies

Classroom Parents

Every class at Mitchell has 2 classroom parents that help with communication between the teacher and parents and the PTC and parents. In addition to relaying information and helping organize classroom events/celebrations, the room parents also coordinate one staff breakfast for the school staff during the year. Sign ups for classroom parents occur in early September. Please email for Karen Peters at karenwpeters@hotmail.com for more information.

Media Volunteers

The Media Center is always in need of parents to help out during their child’s media time assisting the students with book choices and re-shelving returned books. Volunteers are usually assigned one day a month and the shifts are  about 1 hour. Sign ups occur in early September. For more information, please contact  Katie Edwards at katie.edwards@comcast.net.

Cafeteria Volunteers

You clean lunch tables yet this is one of the most popular ways to volunteer at Mitchell because the students absolutely love seeing their parents during lunch! Volunteers usually are scheduled for 1 day a month and the shifts are 1 ½ hours. All the details can be found here <<Link = http://mitchellptc.org/volunteer/cafeteria-duty-how-to/>> or for more information, please email Kristen Collins at needhamcollins@gmail.com.

Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Mitchell has so many committees there is definitely a way that every parent can help whether it is creating a flyer for an event, typing up student stories, planting flowers in the learning center, taking photos for the yearbook or teaching students about community service and giving. A list of our PTC Committees can be found here.

If you are interested or have questions about the different opportunities, please feel free to reach out to the Committee Heads. We are always happy to have help and input!

Please click on the link to sign up for volunteer opportunities.