Invest In Your Child

Suggested donation is $75 per student.

Our goal this year is 100% participation.  No donation is too small!

This campaign directly funds the Mitchell PTC which aims to enhance and enrich your child’s education.

Please be aware that PayPal charges us a 2.9% fee plus $0.30 per transaction.  For the $75 suggested donation, the Mitchell PTC will be charged $2.48, for a $150 donation for 2 children a $4.65 fee, and for a $225 donation for 3 children a $6.83 fee.  Please consider adding this fee to your total so that the PTC can benefit from the full amount of your intended gift.

Or make your tax-deductible check payable to the Mitchell School PTC and return it to your child’s teacher or place in the PTC mailbox in front of the office.

Thank you for your donation to Invest in Your Child.

Other schools hold several fundraisers throughout the year.  Our PTC has streamlined fundraising into two simple steps:

1) Write a check to the Invest in Your Child campaign or donate via PayPal

2) Participate in the Genevieve Gift Wrap sale this fall.

Your support of these two fundraisers allows our PTC to fund its entire budget by October, so we can focus on enriching our children’s education and building a great sense of community at Mitchell!

Does your company offer matching funds for charitable giving? Please apply for them and make your contribution go even further. The Mitchell PTC is a 501(3)(c).

The Invest In Your Child fundraiser:

  • is tax-deductable
  • accounts for 69% of the annual PTC budget
  • provides funds that are used every day in and out of the classroom

Suggested contribution is $75 per student. Please make your check payable to the Mitchell School PTC.

Thank you!