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2017-05-12 Minutes

Needham Parents Care

Needham Parents Care representatives came to discuss their new initiative to help Needham families address important issues facing their children. They are looking for members/volunteers. They are using the workbook, Please Stop the Roller Coaster at Broadmeadow to help parents learn more about addressing these issues . They mentioned an exhibit in Needham Center where you could see a replica of a teenagers bedroom. This event  helped open parents eyes as to what the life of a teenager is and what they are going through or exposed to. No one in the room seemed to be aware that that event even took place.

They are hoping to get more people involved and meet quarterly.

Emily will give out the contact information for people who are interested in joining.

Jon Mattleman –

Jon Mattleman is leaving Needham Youth Services soon.

Jon presented a talk on Technology and Children. “The Real (and Often Emotional Risks of Being Connected)